LOTS of patience required

You have fallen in love with your dream house.

It has the rooms, the yard size you want, the sparkling pool. You can imagine who’s room is going to be who’s.  You’ve got your man cave all staked out.


YOU want it bad.

Then you find out.


It’s a short sale.

The shudder is coming from me, your real estate agent.  I know what this is going to do to you.

YOU on the other hand, Shiver.

You shiver with delight because you are so in love with this house.  You’re about ready to sacrifice whatever to get it.

And if you’ve ever tried to talk common sense to someone who is in love.

You know, it’s futile.

If you explain that this new object of their affection will cause them pain, well it seems they just want it more.  Like the forbidden fruit.

Make no mistake, the emotions involved when trying to buy a short sale don’t differ much from unrequited love.

At least when you get dumped by a person, you know where you’re going to live.

Oh yes, you’ll feel lost and cheated  that you’ve spent all your time and energy waiting for this house.

You can’t move forward but your lease is coming due on the place you rented for three months while waiting for this to come through.

You thought for sure it couldn’t take that long even though you were warned….by me….several times.

You’re just locked in limbo.

And then there’s the feeling of being ignored.  Week after week of no answer, no acknowledgement you even exist.

“Did they not feel your love too?”

But that’s not all.

Take that short sale mixture of mucky feelings and add time, mix in frustration, fold in anxiety and a huge dash or irritability…

Are we all ready to pick heartbreak yet people?



Short Sales What to Expect

No matter how much I explain how frustrating short sales are, the love and desire for the new house seems to outweigh all of that.

At first…..

Then the third or fourth month rolls around and that love seems to slip.

The time it takes for a short sale will slowly diminish the beauty of the home  just like the lack of personality will whittle away the good looks of the hottest girl in high school.

And just like I warned them, they get pissed off.

Really, really pissed off.

“I’m not mad at you Diane, I’m mad at the banks.”

And no, they don’t get upset with me, but they do start yelling through me like the bank’s asset manager is standing behind me.

I take it all in.

I calmly answer and explain over and over and over again the process, the uncertainties, the frustration.

Sometimes all the warning and the talking in the world just doesn’t do any good.

Like a parent, sometimes you have to let your friends and clients that are so blinded by love, go down the path you know they shouldn’t, just so they can learn for themselves.

You’re there for support, comfort, encouragement.

And you refrain.

You refrain like I refrain.

From yelling out.

“I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!”




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